One mold, one unit, still flexible

Prefabricated and preinstalled units as a unique total solution.

In today’s high speed world of fiber connections and data transfer, it is of the upmost importance to have both fast production and installation times that meet the speed at which we live and communicate. Our POP units are produced in a single mold. The production time is thereby limited to a minimum of one single day.

Our units are produced including foundation, water drainage, airconditioning and all preparations needed for the fi ber installation. Due to the completeness of the units, no additional work is needed after production. POP units can be used in different climatic circumstances due to their high quality and uniqueness.

Customization, including finishing

When the POP units are delivered, they are completely finished. A brick stone design, which can be blasted, grouted or hydrophobic in the colours red, grey or yellow. Before starting the production, in consultation with our designers, all your specifications can be made possible.